May insists Britain leaving EU customs union

Leroy Wright
May 17, 2018

Speaking to journalists at the beginning of the meeting, the Taoiseach said: "If we are not making real and substantial progress by June then we need to seriously question whether were going to have a Withdrawal Agreement at all". A pro-European Cabinet source said that Mr Johnson and Mr Gove were "outgunned" during the meeting and reluctantly accepted the plans. Officials have warned it may not be in place until 2023. He said European Union leaders gave very strong support to Mrs May, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and French president Emmanuel Macron at an informal dinner on Wednesday to continue to support the Iran deal.

However, Eurosceptics have raised concerns that it could lead to Britain being tied to the customs union indefinitely. Ministers have suggested that any decision could take weeks. But the BBC are reporting that ministers recognise that extending the transition deadline beyond December 2020 is the only way to break the deadlock over the customs union and the Irish border.

Labour used a rare parliamentary device called a "humble address" to try to force the publication of "all papers, presentations and economic analysis" on the two options which have split May's government and all but stalled Brexit talks.

Plans which could see Britain remain in the customs union after the Brexit transition period ends have been criticised by Conservative eurosceptics. But all problems are not magicked away.

The Brexit War Cabinet session this week focused on ways to resolve the standoff, amid threats from the European Union to halt wider trade negotiations unless the border issue can be guaranteed.

Mr Varadkar hinted that the British proposal would see the United Kingdom aligned with the EU customs union for some time to come. Brussels will resist such a move, however, on the basis that Northern Ireland is only being allowed to cherry-pick the single market because of its special circumstances.

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The Theresa May government of Britain, which is dealing with all kinds of troubles over the Brexit negotiations, is yet to settle the question on the UK's post-Brexit trade ties.

The EU says that would be the best way to avoid a hard Irish border. But without an agreement on customs, those plans would be incomplete.

Even if the back-stop arrangement was triggered, Britain would be able to implement new trade deals because the country would be outside the EU's economic architecture, the source said.

Senior government figures had conceded that neither of their proposed options for a customs deal would be ready by the end of the implementation period in December 2020.

Her government was also struggling to arrive at a consensus on the government's options for future customs arrangements, the Japan Times report added.

Asked about protecting Irish businesses from United States sanctions over trading with Iran, he said EU leaders were demanding a permanent exemption for European businesses in the wake of its repudiation of the nuclear deal.

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