Cumberland seniors pretend to drive vehicle into principal's office

Leroy Wright
May 17, 2018

Cumberland police posted images to their Facebook page on Monday, calling it "one of the best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen".

But it turned out the whole thing was an optical illusion. But on closer inspection, it's only a half of a auto, likely from a junk yard, sitting next to a black tarp and surrounded by bricks.

While the students and school were commended on social media for the great illusion, the Cumberland Police Department got their own "hats off" praise from many who applauded their reaction.

The students made it look like a vehicle had crashed into the building by positioning an old wreck in front of a huge "gaping hole" in the brickwork. "Congratulations to all the seniors who are graduating", the Cumberland Police Department said.

"We have always joked with my father that the school was a jail and once we graduated that we were going to bust out of this place, that's where the phrase on the rear window of the auto, 'CHS Class of 2018 - We're Bustin Out, ' came from", he said.

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"You had everyone a little nervous this morning!" the district said in its post.

The students created an illusion that appeared to show that a auto had crashed through the wall of the principal's office at Cumberland High School. Some of the students who took part in the prank even made a decision to use the prank to promote a cause.

The police department admitted the creativity and lack of actual damage to school property prompted their response.

School principal Ritchie Narges told U.S. media that the scene "looked very, very real".

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