The internet is completely divided over this freaky audio illusion

Cristina Cross
May 16, 2018

It reminds us of that time in 2015 when the internet couldn't decide if a dress was black-and-blue or white-and-gold. Well, we might have a sequel.

The clip is apparently a result of the McGurk effect, an illusion in which people hear something different from the actual sound due to a visual stimulus.

The "Yanny or Laurel" question has already provoked thousands of responses on Twitter and Reddit, but maybe some local context will help settle it once and for all.

Still others said they could hear both.

And Twitter is freaking out about it. Turn up the volume on decent speakers and you may hear laurel. So, which do you hear? You can play around with the pitch yourself to see how the audio can be bent toward Laurel or Yanny. The "Yanny" people are sure they're hearing "Yanny", while the "Laurel" team are convinced they hear "Laurel".

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Finally, everyone's hearing is different, and environment can have a lot to do with how you perceive sound.

The internet was seemingly split Tuesday when a circulating audio clip asked listeners to choose: Do they hear "Yanny?". What can you hear? Since there's a visual prompt in the video, your brain is already anticipating two specific possible words.

You could attempt to hear either on your computer by removing the high or low frequencies, Riecke said.

Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to make everyone we know listen to this clip and pick a side.

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