PlayStation Vita Physical Games Being Discontinued In US And Europe

Judy Cobb
May 16, 2018

PS Vita launched in 2012 and initially received strong support from Sony and first-party developers, though things quickly dried up. In fact it seems that Sony is taking steps towards that as the company has confirmed that they are ending the physical production of PS Vita games.

I believe we don't have to mention just how successful this game is.

The PS Vita version of Stardew Valley doesn't include any special upgrades or features, so don't expect there to be multiplayer or anything like that.

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The PlayStation Vita has been overlooked by many handheld console fans, particularly because of its lack of games to buy. With Nintendo's Switch now the preferred platform for those sorts of experiences, the writing is most definitely on the wall for Sony's handheld.

According to a report by Jason Schreier, editor of Kotaku, the representatives of Sony in the United States and Europe confirmed that the cessation in the manufacture of physical games for PS Vita already has a definite date. If any developers want their games to have a physical presence on the Vita, they'll have to get their orders in post-haste.

That multiplayer update is now in open beta testing on PC, and will head first to Nintendo Switch before spreading to PS4 and Xbox One later down the line. What would make this sting a little less is if Sony would lower the damned price on its proprietary memory cards.

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