Ronnie O'Sullivan compares himself to Roger Federer, Tiger Woods

Heather Diaz
April 30, 2018

And he was punished for that approach today with Carter sealing an impressive 13-9 victory to progress into the quarter-finals and quash O'Sullivan's hopes of a sixth title.

The two-time World Championship runner-up was still basking on Sunday in the glory of his explosive win over five-time victor Ronnie O'Sullivan.

"Until I die, you will have to keep writing stuff (about me)", he said.

Carter made no mistake, never appearing like a man under pressure, and a second successive run of 51 helped him on his way to a memorable triumph.

"I'm trying to do it all for a bigger goal now, not just selfishly for me", he said.

"It is like when you buy a new vehicle you can get 200,000 miles out of it but if you buy an old one then you wonder when it will die".

"Every sport has their Tiger Woods, every sport has their Roger Federer. It happened earlier in the game but I don't want to dwell on it, we should be talking about a great match".

"I'm not saying I win as much as them or have all the records but I didn't ask for that situation". I'm not a limbo dancer you know.

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"I am not an egotistical person".

"It is for my family, my friends and for all the people that have suffered like I have and show them that they can still achieve things in their lives. I could not shake him off", said Hawkins.

There was then a short exchange of words between the players with O'Sullivan allegedly calling Carter "angry" before referee Paul Collier asked both players to calm down.

O'Sullivan, 42, meanwhile, insists he will back at the Crucible next year. "It's all right Ali, take your go".

O'Sullivan then told Carter it was his turn to play, sparking Carter to respond: "Thank you, very nice of you".

Yet O'Sullivan had finished the second session on a high and continued his momentum into Saturday as a break of 66 reduced the deficit to one. Co-commentator and seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry added: "Told you there was an edge to this match".

O'Sullivan had just fluked a snooker when he and Carter collided at the side of the table and once back in his seat, O'Sullivan said: That's for being Mr Angry. If someone's going to shoulder barge into me, do I have to walk around him, tiptoe or do a little curtsy as if he's the Queen?

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